Beaudette Family History

NOTE: A relative of us Beaudettes has written a book about Marie Grandin called: Marie Grandin: Sent by the King, written by Elise Dallemagne-Cookson, published by Xlibris. You can order from the publisher.

There is also a "filles du roi" society that you can join at

About our Ancestor Jean Baudet and Marie Grandin

Article about how Jean's wife Marie came to Canada The King's Daughters

The pedigree for my side of the Beaudette's goes from Sebastian Baudet>Jean Baudet>Jacques Baudet>Jacques Baudet>Alexis Beaudet>Louis Beaudet>Amède Beaudet>Anne Leah Beaudette>Phyllis Ann Cossette>me, Lee Renier Bjella

Very interesting story about a Hubbell native and his adventures on the ship Edmund Fitzgerald. read more




My Grandmother grew up in Hubbell, MI, in the late 1800's and early 1900's. View of Hubbell and St. Cecilia's Church after the 1907 fire that destroyed the business section of town.


Amède and Lea Beaudette with their children in front of their
 Hubbell, Michigan family home in 1900.


Hubbell house that Amède and Lea bought in 1897 when it was a year old -
here  as it was in 2010.


Close up of family on the stairs.
Lea, Amede, Rose, Agnes, Anne, Will, Fred, Laurencia, Henry, Joe on the bike.


Amède, Lea, Rose


Amede, seated on the right


Lea's dad and sister and brother


Laurencia Beaudette
Died a painful death from a burst appendix in 1905 at the age of 10.



Fred, Bert, Lea, Joe, Davy the dog, ?, and Henry


Anne, Communion


Agnes and Anne at ages 15 and 12. They were the best of friends. Agnes died of the flu.


Anne and Agnes

Sharon (my daughter) and my trip to Northern Michigan (Yuppers) in July 2010, took us to Lake Linden and Hubbell, where my grandmother Anne Beaudette Boudreau Cossette was born, and where grandpa Phillip Joseph Cossette lived for a time. These are some of the current sights, and below are some from the past of the Beaudette family. (Some photos taken by my uncle, Fr. Raymond Cossette: the older photos come from the collection my uncle has, that were from Grandma Anne and Grandpa Phillip Cossette)